Advanced and interesting SMS tools for your S60 cellphone

EZSMS offers more functionalities to your regular plain SMS application. EZSMS allows you to copy, move, send, schedule, encrypt or even fake your SMS. The EzSMS is an extended SMS handling application. The main functionalities for the application include:

  • Extended management functionality for standard SMS messages
  • Copy/Move SMS messages between folder
  • Send messages from any folder
  • Schedule message sending
  • Fake SMS sending (receiving SMS messages with fake user details within the phone)
  • Sending, scheduling and receiving 3DES encrypted SMS message



EzSMS 1.09

User reviews about EzSMS

  • passme

    by passme


    EzSMS is the type of application that i have been searching for many many days. At last i have got it. And i wan than...   More.